Day 54: Get in Your Body

I have been working in front of my computer for at least three hours now. This is not uncommon in the afternoon while I work on lesson plans, answer emails, and build workshops. After awhile, I caught myself flipping back and forth between these tasks and Facebook, these tasks and an interesting article I had pulled up from Facebook, these tasks and a funny video from Facebook. This was my cue.

It was time to get back in my body. I took myself upstairs and started sorting the pile of books, activity cards, and various other conference paraphernalia that I had left out from my conference yesterday. I needed to touch real things in three dimensions, feel the weight and softness of breathing buddies as I put them back in their bag and smell some of the essential oils that were lined up on my shelf.

Taking this break not only allowed my mind and eyes a moment to rest, but also allowed me to reengage with the tangible world. This strategy of reentering my body sometimes takes me to the kitchen to cook, outside to walk, or around the house to putter and clean, but in all cases, I find my way back to the moment through this movement and sensory awareness.

The next time you feel your energy flagging, or your focus waning, try shifting back into the body through movement and awareness of your senses.