Personalized mindfulness instruction for you, your family, and your community in the comfort of your own home. Gather together families to do a mini-mindfulness series around topics of your choice.

Topics include: neuroscience, emotions, thoughts, body awareness, senses, positive psychology, mindful technology use, stress management, athletic performance, etc.

Leave each session with resources and short activities to complete as a family. 

To learn more, contact: erica.beth.marcus@wisemindsbighearts.com

Mindful technology Use Workshop

For parents:

Our number one "attention snatcher" in modern society is technology: computers, smart phones, and the network these tools allow us to connect to.  An incredible boon to people, when not approached with attention and intention, these tools have the potential to hold our attention hostage and ultimately have a negative impact on our well-being. Young people are even more susceptible to their draw because of their developmental stage combined with growing up in a world where they are ubiquitous.

Through this interactive workshop, families will learn about this modern phenomenon and how it impacts frequent and dependent users. We will begin by reviewing the current research and growing international conversation around screen use. Next, we will complete a personal use assessment to identify our current technology habits. We will follow this up by practicing some mindful technology use. Finally, participants will generate a Mindful Technology Use Plan for their own families based on current recommendations in the field and desired outcomes.  

In the end, participants will leave with an understanding of how to control their technology use, and encourage intentional technology use in their students, rather than be controlled by it.

The pre- and post- partum period of life is an intensely vulnerable and beautiful time. With sleep deprivation, hormone fluctuation, and the awesome responsibility of caring for a tiny human, it can evoke strong thoughts and emotions that have the power to destabilize us. It also is a time during which we can savor deep love and joy.  

Mindfulness invites us to be with all the messiness with a little bit more humor and ease. We can practice mindfulness to get to this place. Through these workshops, expectant and new parents will learn strategies for being with the awesome messiness of this time with less struggle and more acceptance.

To learn more about using mindfulness during the fourth trimester, check out my book, Daily Mindful Minis, Tiny Mindfulness Practices for the fourth trimester

Mindfulness for New Parents