Professional Development for Educators

Mindfulness 101:

This 1-2 hour professional development workshop will provide an overview of mindfulness in education. First, it will give staff an introduction to mindfulness: what it is, its history, and what the research says about its benefits. We will also review some of the neuroscience that informs the
practice. Second, we will touch on how mindfulness can be used by teachers to manage their own stress and support building a strong classroom culture. Third, we will cover some basic mindfulness techniques that can be used with students in the classroom. Finally, the program will be infused with guided mindfulness exercises — of sound, breath, and body — so staff can experience the practice.

This workshop is a good jumping off point for staff to further explore their own practice and connect with resources that will help them bring mindfulness into the classroom.

Mindfulness 200:

The goal of this 6-week course is three part. One, it will provide a solid foundation in mindfulness— the definition, context, research, and techniques— so educators can build an informed personal practice in mindfulness. Two, it will support educators in developing a plan for implementation in their classroom. Three, it will build a local professional learning community around the practice so teachers can continue to grow their work after the course has ended. CEUs available upon completion. This course is for teachers, counselors, administrators, and youth workers interested in bringing mindfulness to young people.

Mindfulness 205: Mindfulness in adolescent education

See above. This course will specifically look at age appropriate implementation of mindfulness curriculum for adolescents. 


Customizable to the needs of the school, continuing education around mindfulness for the classroom is available. This includes more in depth exploration of various mindfulness and compassion practices as well as a deeper look into thoughts and emotions. Please contact to further discuss how Wise Minds. can best meet your needs as an institution.


"Erica explains things in a way that really helped me understand mindfulness and how to approach it. For example, during the last class, when I expressed discomfort with the length of the practice, she explained that sitting with discomfort is something we can learn from. She also explained that it's important to know the goal of the lesson with students and let that lead the design. This is the kind of backward planning I use with my academic lessons, and it makes sense to use it here too."

"Aside from the content, Erica is such a wonderful teacher! She is always calming, comfortable, and welcoming. She embraces who we are and where we are, and works with us from there. Her passion for what she does and for the power behind her work is obvious. She brought innovative strategies, resources, techniques, and discussion. It's truly life-changing!"

"I looked forward to class each week. I always came with some residual stress from the day, but I left feeling relieved, relaxed, and ready to tackle my night-time tasks."

"One of the most useful element was this experience with others! The class guided us and let us know we have each other! The book, articles and resources were all useful but the time together was magical for me. I will add that learning about the brain and experiencing how the breath and a little time each day can make such a big difference in how you approach each day...each minute. Magical indeed! And it doesn't cost a thing! Amazing!"

"Great course, content and instructor. Erica is an inspiration to me and I think to others in how she lives her life, teaches others and admits what life and reality is like, and how we can still put mindfulness at the helm of our lives."

Yoga for Teachers

Put your own mask on first! We cannot help our students until we care for ourselves.

Put your own mask on first! We cannot help our students until we care for ourselves.

Make it easier for teachers to engage in self-care by bringing yoga right to the school. Programs are available for before and after the school day to prepare teachers for what's ahead or help them unwind. Healthy states of mind in teachers have a research-backed impact on classroom climate. 

After five years of offering this service to teachers in Washington, D.C., this proved how potent it could be for us to take that time for ourselves. 

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