Day 6: Daily Commute

Photo by  Element5 Digital  on  Unsplash

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

I used to hate driving. It seemed like an annoying inconvenience that took away from my day when I couldn’t do anything else. It has evolved into a golden moment exactly because I can’t do anything else. I turn off the radio, sink back in my seat, and savor the sweet silence during which no one can ask anything of me. It is a moment of freedom when I can call my full attention to the present.

While walking, biking, or driving to work in the morning, bring your full awareness to your senses. Take a moment to look up to the sky and take note of the patterns there, and the colors of the plants as you pass them by. If you are traveling the same route, notice the daily changes that come with the weather. Listen to the sounds of the cars around you. Feel the weight of your body in the seat and hands on the steering wheel, handlebars, or moving at your sides. Whenever the mind wanders to your To Do List, remind yourself, "Just for this drive, I will be present," and come back to the observing sensations.