Day 7: Today was a Very Good Day

Photo by  Taylor Ann Wright  on  Unsplash

Today was a very good day. My students weren’t particularly different than they usually are, mostly sweet, though sometimes goofy and in need of redirection. I was just ready for it. It is not always clear to me what conditions allow me to effortlessly show up, but I suspect it is some combination of getting enough sleep, exercise, companionship, meditation/relaxation, and good planning. Whatever it was, I didn’t have to work to find the joy today. It was just there.

In order to fully experience that joy, I had to protect it. My mind tends to be eager to look ahead for the next problem to tackle, the next potential issue to solve. Yes, things are good at the moment, but, what about next week when….[insert crisis here]? I had colleagues who were having different kinds of days, and it could be easy to descend with them into their struggles.

But no, dang it. Not today. Today I will be happy.

The next day, or hour, or perhaps even just a moment, when things are just feeling good, flowing easily, get in it. Splash around in it. Enjoy knowing that this moment, too, shall pass, so we might as well soak it in while it’s here.