Bite-sized Mindful Moments: Part IV

Each week we will explore this question and offer a few bite-sized mindful moments for you to bring to your life and the lives of your students.

MINDFUL MOMENT FOR YOU: Adopt a beginner's mind

Photo by  Aaron Burden  on   

Photo by Aaron Burden on


Just for a day, set an intention to approach the world with a beginner's mind. Notice each experience you have throughout the day as if you've never had it before (because, technically, you haven't ever lived each of those specific moments before). Allow your students to delight you. Be curious about your colleagues. Marvel at the weather, the signs of spring, the simple experience of being alive.

Notice how it impacts your day (and perhaps consider setting a similar intention for the next day).


Photo by  Andrea Tummons  on  Unsplash

Ask students to consider their best selves. What qualities would they bring forward into their day, regardless of the circumstances? How would they live? How would they treat others? Then, invite them, just for a day, or even a class, to try and make each decision as if they were that best self. 

The next day, or at the end of the period, ask them the ways that they were their best self.