Bite-sized Mindful Moments: Part II

Each week we will offer a few bite-sized mindful moments for you to bring to your life and the lives of your students.

MINDFUL MOMENT FOR YOU: 5 breath pause

Before getting out of your car, off your bike, or walking up to the school, take a moment to stop. Notice how you feel in the mind and body. Bring your attention to your breath, and follow 5 complete breaths in and out. Check in again with the mind and body. Proceed with your day, knowing you can come back to the breath when the mind gets too busy or emotions get too big.




Photo by  Nathaniel Shuman  on  Unsplash

In a moment when the room starts to feel chaotic/off task, turn off the lights, stand at the front of the room, and look each student kindly in the eye. Breathe deeply as you maintain your own stability, being ready to note rather than criticize. Wait until the room falls silent and you have their attention. Name what you see and ask for preparedness with getting back to it. (ex-"it felt _____ in here and so I thought we could take a pause to get back on task. Everyone ready?")