Plainfield Middle School Workshop


I had the pleasure of joining my longtime friend Heidi Magario in Plainfield, NH to facilitate a mindfulness workshop for her eighth graders. They have been working on a unit called "Structure and Function of the Human Body," and specifically asked the question, "What affect does stress have on the human body?"  I came in so they could explore the impact of mindfulness meditation on their own bodies.  We talked about mindfulness as a method for alleviating stress, improving focus, and deactivating the parasympathetic nervous system. We completed a few exercises focusing on the sound of a bell, external sound, and breath. Students noted they thought doing an mindfulness exercise could help them: 

"Right before starting homework."

"Before performing in the school play."

"During hockey."

"Before a big basketball game."

"When trying to sleep at night."

 Thanks for letting me share your classroom today, Ms. Magario! 

Update: Ms. Magario reported that before their big speeches days after my visit, many of her eighth graders spent two minutes focusing on their breath.  I am so glad to there was an immediate practical application!