Event: TedX Beacon Street

On Saturday, Rana Chudnofsky of MGH's Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine and I teamed up to bring relaxation techniques and mindfulness to TedX Beacon Street.  Rana brought in some innovative technology called emWave that provided graphic representations of participants heart rhythms, which serve as an indicator of relaxation.

Rana and I guided participants as young as 5 and old as 75 through body scans, breath awareness, and visualizations to help them relax their bodies. As their bodies relaxed, a rainbow slowly moved across the screen until it landed in a gold pot. 


After participants completed the exercise, they were invited to spin the wheel for a thermometer (hand temperature is an indicator of body relaxation), a worry stone (a tactile reminder to stay present), or a hershey's kiss (to complete a mindful eating activity).  I also brought in some literature on mindfulness in schools, a mind jar, and a bell to demonstrate some of the ways mindfulness is being used in the classroom.

A big thank you to Rana and the organizers of TedX Beacon Street for letting wise minds. big hearts. contribute to this event!