Day 93: The Anticlimax

Our last day of classes was last Thursday, and this week is a series of testing days, advisory days, and invitation-only days for students to recoup standards. As such, there is no real pinnacle moment. 2/3 of my classes already said goodbye to our seniors, and last Thursday, I told my students I enjoyed getting to know them, asked them to do some reflection on the class, and bid my adieus, to be seen only here and there throughout this week.

It is a long slow slide into summer… as has been my commitment to this mindful teaching blog these last few weeks. I recognize my project-oriented steam has been waning as we finally have some consistently nice weather around here and I’m soaking up every ray of sunshine I can find. Summer begs me to live, less reflectively, more spontaneously, playfully, and energetically. So I consent.

Here, I will create my pinnacle moment, knowing we will return together next year to keep exploring these ideas and practices. There is no end, really. But, gratefully, we have time now to step away. To recharge. And to return anew in the fall.

Until then. Enjoy the sun. Enjoy the slide. Enjoy the ride.