Day 75: Behavior Charts


As all you teacher-friends know, a common strategy for Tier 2/3 behaviors in a PBIS system is behavior charts. Do the right thing, get a star. Do the right thing again, get another star.

As someone who struggles with routine and consistency, let me tell you: I find this incredibly helpful. It can be hard to come to our practice every day. We can find a million excuses not to. But finding ways of tracking and acknowledging our progress is a way of supporting us with continuing.

Most meditation apps track and give you feedback. Insight Timer, an app you can download on your phone, actually gives out stars for days of practice.

It turns out that sheer force of will is not always there for me, but the promise of another star on the horizon might be enough for me to sit myself down, even more a minute. I do so love my behavior chart.