Day 83: The Back Porch

Photo by  Jon Tyson  on  Unsplash

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

After a weekend away, I had some work to do upon my return. Usually this means I find my way to my couch, sink back, and go until I can’t anymore. However, after a full 48 hours in the mountains, still feeling the effects of being out in the woods, I couldn’t content myself with that fate. Instead, I took my laptop to the back porch and, against the backdrop of a darkening sky, composed a few emails and reflected on some lesson plans.

Shifting my environment to be on the back porch, still in my puffy coat in this interminably chilly Maine spring, I was happy. It helped me keep a sense of expansiveness, a sense of rootedness, in the present. The rabbit hole of the computer screen did not suck my down. I didn’t check Facebook even once.

If you’ve gotta do the weekend work, see if you can find a way to do so outside.