Day 63: Relax first

As one of my teachers shared last night, we often think of mindfulness as a pathway to become more relaxed. But, if we are to see clearly, to fully embrace reality, in some sense relaxation is a precondition to mindfulness. It is hard to see clearly, to embrace reality, when we are overwhelmed, tense, or running at a million miles per hour. We must invite in a state of letting go and release first.

There are lots of ways to invite this one. Sometimes it is as simple as pausing in your day. Coming to a seat or onto your back.

Other times progressive muscle relaxation can be helpful to unwind the mind.

So sit back…

…relax the forehead

…relax the jaw

…relax the shoulders down

…relax the arms and hands

…the chest and belly

…the legs and feet.

See how intentional relaxation may give you more freedom in the mind. More presence. Just be careful not to then fall asleep. Or do, and enjoy the slumber. ;)