Day 73: The Tree in the Forest

Photo by  Peng Chen  on  Unsplash

Photo by Peng Chen on Unsplash

Sometimes, when I consider my students en masse, they overwhelm me. I worry about the chaos that might erupt from the sheer number of them. I become wary.

This morning, I looked around the room at each individual. I teased them apart from their classmates for just a moment, recognizing their own innate goodness. And I couldn’t help but feel such love for them. Each one with their individual quirks and delightful traits. For each one of them I had interactions squirreled away that felt positive and meaningful. Even the ones that also challenged me.

Tomorrow, as you stand/sit before your class, try this: look not at the group, but at each individual. Allow any goodwill or appreciation you might have for each student wash over you. It’s not as overwhelming to notice the trees in the forest.