Day 68: Interconnectedness

Photo by  Holger Link  on  Unsplash

Photo by Holger Link on Unsplash

The depth at which we are interconnected is astounding. We are not isolated beings, though we so often feel that way, but are intricately and inextricably linked into a wider system. The very foundation of our being, of all of life, is “star stuff,” as stated by Kepler Research Scientist Dr. Natalie Batalha in We’re All Made of Stardust. Here’s How . My yoga and mindfulness students watched this video, along with What percent of your DNA is banana?, to explore the scientific grounding of this idea that we are foundationally connected.

After class, one of my students shared, “I heard once that we are just ‘borrowed atoms,’ in this form until we become the next thing.” Love it.

So we can know that, but what does it mean to actually experience that viscerally? That deep sense of being of the earth?

Lay down. Relax the body into the ground. Have a sense of the body at the cellular level….at the molecular level…at the atomic level, subtly vibrating. Allow yourself to connect with the even subtler vibrations of the ground beneath you, moving even in it’s solidity. Feel the air around the body, and note the exchange through the exhale and inhale. The taking in of the world. The releasing of parts of self. It is all much more fluid than we think.

Notice how that awareness of that fluidity, of that connection, shifts how you experience your moment.