Day 65: The Last Day Before Break

For those of you teaching in New England, you are likely in the precipice of spring break. Despite the stretch from February to April not being that many weeks, it is notorious for being one of the toughest times of the school year. That makes spring break all the much sweeter when it finally arrives. You can almost hear the collective exhale across the country as teachers shepherd their children out the door at the final bell and collapse on the ground in a puddle of exhausted elation, or elated exhaustion, or some combination thereof.

There can be such a sense of ease and expansiveness to be found at the end of a tough period of time. Don’t hurry from one thing to the next, but pause to really notice and savor that moment when your responsibilities have been, even momentarily, eased. Then put on your vacation message and your jammies and get your relaxation on. We did it!

(A note for my non-teacher/non-spring breaking friends- this same idea can be applied to mini moments of ease… when you wrap up the work day, or put the kids to bed, or simply have a moment to pause. Enjoy the invitation of natural pauses already built in.)