Day 49: "You are SO VERY super"

Photo by  Kyle Smith  on  Unsplash

Photo by Kyle Smith on Unsplash

Last week, my students and I were exploring a card deck for kids and teens to practice yoga and mindfulness. One of the cards my student led suggested that we stand with our hands on our hips, shoulders back, and say, “I am super! I am SO SUPER! I am SO VERY SUPER!” This particular group, good-natured as they are, delightedly shouted it. And we all had a laugh. And i reflected on how ridiculous it was to ask teens to complete this exercise.

But then today, as I am getting ready for a presentation with parents tonight, I noticed the edge of nerves creep in, as they always do. And for whatever reason, that phrase popped into my head, and I started repeating to myself, “I am super! I am so super! I am so very super!” I couldn’t help but smile and laugh to myself, remembering a whole class of high school students repeating this phrase in unison. And in that moment, my mood lightened.

I tend towards serious and reflective. I like to dig into hard questions and contemplate life. But sometimes, fun is what can create perspective and clarity. The laughter and silliness of that moment was what made it stick.

So here’s a reminder to not take it all so seriously. And here’s a reminder that, “You are SO VERY SUPER!”