Day 9: Walking the Mindful Walk

Photo by  Jon Tyson  on  Unsplash

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

As a wellness educator, today my job involved a brisk walk in the 17 degree weather to keep an eye on my students (this was the activity they picked, for the record, not one I required.) I found myself naturally turning my attention to my footfall as my boots struck the brick, especially through the areas that were iced over. I was struck by how good it felt for each sole to make contact with the ground beneath me as I breathed in the sharp air and snuggled into my puffy coat.

When I learned mindful walking, it was done very slowly, back and forth for 10-15 paces, with full presence brought to each step. As a result of repeated practice and intention, many of my walks have transformed into mindful walking, just in shifting my attention from my thoughts to the feeling of my body in motion and sensations of my feet on the ground.

Today, see if you can bring awareness to your feet as you move throughout your day. It can be when out on a walk, but also just as you go from your car into work or pass between classes. Sink into the soles of the feet and notice as one foot presses against the ground and lifts again, and then the other. Allow the mind to stay present with the motion of the body.