Break it Down.

Photo by  Clay Banks  on  Unsplash

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

When I think about a whole week before break, I go bananas.

But when I focus on the school day in front of me, the class in front of me, the specific moment I am in with a class, it suddenly seems much less daunting. In my classes where things are going well, I get to fully enjoy engaging with them. In my classes where they are tough, I can concentrate on the toughness without the added stress of needing it to end.

Because it won't until it does. My needing it to be different doesn't help. So when I catch my mind going there, I visualize the week ahead, breaking down into my day, breaking down into the moment I'm in, as a way of reconnecting and reorienting.

Today, watch the mind’s tendency to try and hold the whole week in your mind. Instruct it to zoom in, closer…closer…closer, until all that is in front fo you is that exact moment in time. See how that can provide relief from what can feel daunting.