Day 37: Be Away

Photo by  Jenelle Hayes  on  Unsplash

Photo by Jenelle Hayes on Unsplash

It can be so easy for thoughts of work to seep into every spare moment of the weekend. When i sit in the mornings, I find myself considering something a colleague said. While I watch my daughter wrestle with the crayon box, my mind drifts to a plan for my lesson next week. It can be so hard to turn it off once we have some space. We can work our way right through the weekend, mentally chewing on the demands of the job as we go about our days of rest.

Whenever I catch myself away, I encourage my mind back to the moment. That’s not something you have to figure out right now, darlin’. I might gently chide (my inner narrator is sometimes southern) Leave that be for another time. That other time is a time I have intentionally carved out before the weekend begins, so I know there is dedicated space to do that thinking. This assures me I will come back to it. I love my work, and I love considering how to approach it, but I also love my daughter, my husband, and my world outside of school. It, too, deserves my whole heart. But I find it takes conscious effort to close the door until I am ready to fully engage.

When you are away, be away. If you catch yourself drifting back into school mode, with barely a touch, guide yourself back to your now, with promises of return.